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How Progressive Slots Work

Over the years of development in the gambling industry, slot games have had the time to evolve and develop. Starting off with transformation into the video game format, up until today’s multiple game types, slots have definitely made an impact on the general turn of events. In this regard, there is one type of slot games that seems to be making all the difference, both for the games and the players choosing them – progressive slots.

What are Progressive Slots?

A progressive slot is a type of slot machine game that offers a higher payout to its players due to the fact that it builds up a prize fund from prior deposits and releases it at random. The first land-based progressive slots were introduced by International Gaming Technology (IGT). Their progressive slots constructed a network in which each machine provided 10% of the deposits put inside it for the progressive jackpot fund. While nowadays, the percentage and the number of slot machines can get much higher, at the time, this was a rather attractive offer. Progressive slots are now found at an decent online casino such if you want

for a casino offer free spins with no deposit on popular progressives.

Types of Progressive Slots

No matter whether you are referring to land-based or online slots, there are several types of progressives, as it may be evident by now. Namely, the number of slot machines included in the network determines the payout and the percentage from each deposit, and thus the types of progressive slots.

1.     Single progressive slot – A single slot that sets aside a percentage of each deposit and puts it in a different fund used for a main jackpot prize is a progressive. Payouts in such standalone slots don’t go too high, which is why they are the least popular, but still manage to entice a certain amount of players, especially in land-based casino floors.

2.     Local network progressives – A network of about a dozen progressive slots within the same establishment (land-based or online) is known as a local progressive. All slots included contribute to the main jackpot amount which can reach rather higher than the previous one, which is why it is also the more popular type.

3.     Wide area network progressives – Speaking of popularity, these are the top ranking type of progressives, mainly due to the fact that they tend to cover slots operating across numerous platforms, i.e. state-level casino floors.

How Do They Work?

Progressive slots work the same way as any other slot machine, with the sole exception that aside from the regular player prizes, each bet also involves the chance to hit a massive jackpot. They employ the standard Random Number Generator technology, making sure that all outcomes are independent and regulated.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no ‘due’ time to hit the jackpot in a progressive – it may have a threshold that needs to be reached, but anything beyond that is completely random. And while inexperienced players will try betting even harder, experienced ones know that at such times, the odds are just the same as they were at the jackpot starting point.
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